ESG Goals

On September 23, 2021, Tractor Supply announced goals to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions across all operations by 2040. At the same time, the Company announced our 5-year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals. These commitments to climate and society reinforce Tractor Supply’s vision that a healthy environment, properly managed resources and vibrant communities are keys to a secure and prosperous future.

Tractor Supply is proud to be a retail leader in addressing climate change; we are uniquely positioned to contribute to building a regenerative future through our commitment to helping farmers, ranchers, and all those who enjoy living the rural lifestyle across the US succeed in their efforts to positively impact the land.
Hal Lawton
President and Chief Executive Officer of Tractor Supply

Carbon Emissions

After exceeding initial carbon reduction goals set in 2018, we are setting new absolute carbon reduction goals to address climate change by further reducing emissions from our operations. We are committed to the following target emission reductions from our 2020 baseline:

by 2025
by 2030
Net Zero
by 2040

In December 2020 (for the reporting year 2019), Tractor Supply announced that we had reduced carbon emissions from operations by 29% on a per square foot intensity basis (compared to 2015 baseline), five years ahead of plan and surpassing our initial target of 25%. As of the release of the Company’s 2020 ESG Tear Sheet in April 2021, the Company had reduced carbon emissions from its operations by 34.8% compared to the 2015 baseline, while at the same time growing comparable store sales by 23.1%.

Other commitments:

  • Increase efforts to procure renewable energy
  • Continue investments in energy efficiency and cleaner technologies
  • Avoid future emissions through better design of both stores and distribution centers
  • Enhance Scope 3 focus with greater transparency and reduction efforts, including new vendor engagement to drive down value chain emissions
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DE&I Goals

Tractor Supply firmly believes in an equitable, accessible and inclusive culture built on its Mission and Values. We are establishing comprehensive 5-year diversity, equity and inclusion goals to support and advance underrepresented groups across its workforce, vendors, suppliers and communities that include the following specific, tangible actions:

  • Double the number of stores where Team Members mirror the communities it serves,
  • Increase People of Color at the manager level and above by 50%,
  • Increase spending with diverse suppliers by 35% and
  • Increase commitment to funding programs and education for Black and African Americans by 30%.

These goals are established with a baseline of 2021, with achievement by 2026. To learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Tractor Supply, visit our DE&I page.

Announcing New Memberships

To further our success and commitment to renewable energy, Tractor Supply is excited to join the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) to do our part to contribute to the rapid transition of a cleaner, zero carbon future. REBA is an association of over 200 members across the commercial and industrial sector, non-profit organizations and energy and service providers. Tractor Supply is delighted to join many of our peers as it works to procure more renewable energy for our stores and distribution centers across the U.S.

Tractor Supply will also become a member of The Sustainability Consortium, a non-profit organization working to transform the consumer goods industry to delivery more sustainable products to customers. The Sustainability Consortium offers companies like Tractor Supply help in addressing science-based solutions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of their business to create more transparent supply chains while leading the industry toward a more sustainable future. We look forward to being part of The Sustainability Consortium’s network of companies gaining support and services to ensure Tractor Supply continues to be at the leading edge of climate and sustainability commitments.

Tractor Supply is also excited to join more than 200 of the leaders in food, agriculture, science and technology as part of U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action (USFRA). USFRA is working to elevate food and agriculture as the primary solution for sustainability – positioning farmers and ranchers as key change agents in this important work. Tractor Supply endorses USFRA’s Decade of Ag Vision along with more than 100 organizations across the food and farming industry to create a more resilient, restorative, economically viable and climate-smart agricultural system that produces abundant and nutritious food, natural fiber and clean energy for a sustainable and vibrant future across the United States.

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Read more information about our ESG Goals in our Fact Sheet
Read more information about our ESG Goals in our Fact Sheet
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