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We call our sustainability program "Stewardship" because we know that we have to be good stewards of the land and our natural resources so that our children and future generations will have the same opportunities we enjoy today. We view our Stewardship Program as a process of continuous improvement as we look for ways to become more efficient, eliminate waste, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Vision

Tractor Supply believes that a healthy environment, properly managed resources, and vibrant communities are keys to a secure and prosperous future.

The Lifestyle

We are dedicated to helping create a healthy environment today and ensuring that the rural lifestyle we love is available for future generations.

The Environment

We continuously work to improve our environmental impact by reducing resource consumption and waste, increasing efficiency, and providing alternatives to customers and Team Members wherever appropriate.

The Business

We view sustainability to be a process of continuous improvement, offering opportunities to complement our business values. In addition to minimizing our impact on the environment, many of our initiatives have the added benefit of reducing costs. Reducing costs enables us to continue to offer our customers everyday low prices, and becoming more efficient provides us with an opportunity to improve our returns to shareholders and provide good jobs for our Team Members.

Programs for Customers

Battery Recycling

Through a partnership with our battery supplier, Tractor Supply recycles old battery cores for customers when purchasing a new battery core. In our distribution centers and at our Store Support Center, Team Members can recycle smaller household batteries in specified containers thanks to a partnership with our hazardous waste vendor.

Used Oil Recycling

Used oil is collected in our stores from customers and recycled through a re-refining process that reduces the production of greenhouse gases by 85% and heavy metal emissions by 99.5% compared to burning oil as fuel.