Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Tractor Supply is committed to providing enhanced disclosure of the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of our workforce.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are deeply rooted in Tractor Supply’s culture and Mission & Values. Our values are written on cards we all carry; they hang in our break rooms, in our offices and on our meeting room walls. They are so much more than simply words on a page - they are clear, consistent and determine whom we invite to be part of the Tractor Supply family. These values guide us in how we treat each other as Team Members and how we create a welcoming environment for everyone we serve, including each other, our customers and our communities.

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Hal Lawton

Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion Statement

At Tractor Supply, our deep-rooted culture of Mission & Values is unique and is the foundation of our success.   We are committed to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where we foster different perspectives, ideas and innovative thinking. One of our values is respect – the starting point for our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Our strong culture is our values in action, and we truly care about each other and working together as part of the Tractor Supply family.

Hal Lawton
President & CEO

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture supported by our Mission & Values where we respectfully foster different perspectives, ideas and innovative thinking. We know that we are stronger together, and we believe in the authenticity our Team Members bring to work every day. By focusing on our Team Members first, we know that our customers and communities will be well served. Diversity, equity and inclusion play a key role in moving our business forward.

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Our Culture

It takes many different types of backgrounds and experiences to create excellence. That’s why we look for people with unique perspectives to join Tractor Supply and integrate diversity of thought into everything we do. By welcoming, encouraging and supporting different viewpoints, we fuel collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement. With this approach we’re able to bring the best to our customers and create a great place to work for all.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the backbone of a vibrant workforce and essential to our success. We employ more than 50,000 Team Members, and each person on our team is unique. This is a journey, and we are constantly pushing to make sure our workplace is reflective of our diverse group of Team Members and customers.

We want Team Members with different abilities, backgrounds, experiences and orientations to come to Tractor Supply and be successful. We want to encourage a culture that appreciates people’s differences and their similarities. We expect Team Members to cultivate an environment where everyone can be themselves, be welcomed and feel a sense of belonging.

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Our diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives are focused around four areas:

Team Members:

Attract, engage, develop & retain Team Members with backgrounds that reflect the diversity of our communities and customers.

Welcoming Environments:

Ensure that the power of our values is experienced every day across our Team Members, customers and the communities we call home.


Know and celebrate our diverse customers and create a welcoming and inclusive experience.


Foster meaningful relationships with diverse community partners and invest in the communities we call home.

Governed by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, we also have a number of resource groups available to our Team Members. Our resource groups create communities for those within the targeted demographic and their allies to help make sure Tractor Supply is meeting the needs of all Team Members. Our resource groups include:

  • African Americans on the R.I.S.E.
  • Asian Pacific Life Out Here
  • Fuerte Juntos: Strong Together - Hispanic TMEG
  • LGBTQ+ You Belong OUT Here
  • Veterans Group
  • Women Out Here
  • Young Professionals
  • Some of Our Workplace Achievements